Cyber Group Team

We are a group of cybersecurity enthusiasts aiming to bring cybersecurity to ETH students and support them in cybersecurity challenges. The group is run by our board members and our different task forces. We are always looking for more enthusiastic students. If you are interested in joining our team, reach us on

Our Team

"Competing at the 9/12 Cyber Challenge expanded my knowledge and network of cyber specialists. Now I want to help other students gain the same experience, by bridging them with experts from various areas of cyber security."

Marina Ivanovic

MSc Science, Technology and Policy

Industry Outreach

"I believe studying should include more than just lectures, and I want to empower fellow students to connect with cyber experts and broaden their horizon during their time at ETH."

Christian Knabenhans

MSc Cyber Security

Board President & Marketing

"To me, Cyber Group is a great place to meet and interact with like-minded people who are excited about cyber security beyond the purely technological aspects. I joined to help make these unique events happen and bring students and experts together."

Thore Göbel

MSc Computer Science

Public Sector Outreach

"I want to support students in discovering and raising their passion for cybersecurity by creating opportunities for them to engage in interactive discussions with experts, as well as tackling the subject from all angles."

Andra-Maria Ilies

MSc Computer Science

Digital Presence

"I want to bring down barriers to the world of cyber security and invite people from diverse backgrounds to experience this exciting field for themselves! The Cyber 9/12 Challenge did exactly that for me and I want to pass on this passion to many more people."

Matthias Franke

MSc Cyber Security

Finance & Legal

"Cyber Group adds a very enjoyable and instructive aspect to my studies. While I major in a different field, here I can dive into highly interesting security and privacy topics. Also, helping with reaching out and organizing events is a great opportunity to gain organizational skills and make contacts."

Peter Haas

MSc Computer Science

Open Port Taskforce

Hall of Fame

Gabriela Krasnopolska

Digital Presence 2020

Jelena Mihajlovic

Public Sector Outreach 2020

Jonas Gude

Student Outreach 2019

Karin Holzhauser

Board President 2019, 2020

Lara Lazier

Legal & Finance 2019, 2020

Lucas Brunner

Digital Presence 2019

Noa Melchior

Industry Outreach 2019

Robin Staab

Marketing 2019, 2020