About Us

Who Are We?

Founded in 2019, Cyber Group is a student-run initiative which aims to bring the topic of cybersecurity to ETH students and build awareness of the interconnectivity of cybersecurity across all disciplines.

We strive to create a network between students, academia, industry and the public sector and facilitate discussion and collaboration for enthusiastic students that are eager to learn.

Cyber Group offers a wide variety of events to ETH students: from workshops to networking events, competitions and social events - we have something for everyone!

Our Board

"As a student, finding a good balance between academics, work, and social life can be difficult. Cyber Group offers a connection to industry and a chance to learn how cyber security is applied in different circumstances. On top of that, it allows students to connect with others who share their curiosity."

Drífa Atladóttir

MSc Science, Technology and Policy

President | Public Sector Outreach

"I believe that Cyber Group is a great place for students from different backgrounds to meet and to develop important skills. Open Ports are the perfect opportunities to learn about Cybersecurity and to connect to fellow students and companies. I want to make sure that future Open Port events will continue to be fun, diverse and informative."

Johannes Eberle

MSc Physics


"I look forward to bringing down barriers and giving other students the opportunity to gain from the openness, curiousity and passion of Cyber Group. I want them to experience Cyber Group as I did, as an invaluable opportunity to grow, gain new interdisciplinary skills, and connect with our large enthusiastic network."

Coralie Sage

BSc Computer Science

Legal & Finance

"As a 2022 Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge competitor, I learned about the interdisciplinary nature of cybersecurity and the importance of diversity in this field. As a board member, I strive to make Cyber Group attractive to students from all disciplines, and foster an environment of curiousity for all."

Ciara Giles Doran

MSc Biomedical Engineering

Digital Presence

"Helping out with Cyber Group helps me in giving back to the Students at ETH, gives me the possibility to meet amazing and interesting fellow students interested in Cybersecurity and on top of that I'm able to connect with industry experts."

Noè Canevascini

MSc Computational Science & Eng

Private Sector Outreach

Active Taskforce Members

Lucas Rollet

MSc Cybersecurity

EPFL / ETH Zürich

Sverrir Arnórsson

MSc Science, Technol. & Policy

ETH Zürich

Boya Wang

PhD Candidate Computer Sci.


Adrian Cucoş

MSc Cybersecurity

ETH Zürich

Fabian Repplinger

BSc Electrical Engineering

ETH Zürich

Jonas Gloning

MSc Cyber Security

ETH Zürich